Neurology is the sub-specialty of medicine that deals with disorders of the nervous system. All categories of diseases involving the central (brain, brainstem, cerebellum and spinal cord) and peripheral nervous system as well as the linings of these structures and their blood supply may be managed by a neurologist.

Patient Resources

Dr O’Sullivan is not responsible for the content of the following web resources. UK-based websites also included for information.

Movement Disorders

Parkinson’s Association Ireland
Parkinson’s Disease Society UK
The Progressive Supranuclear Palsy Association
Multiple System Atrophy:
Sarah Matheson Trust UK
National Tremor Foundation UK
The Dystonia Society Syndrome (UK) Association
Huntington’s Disease Association

Functional Neurological Disorders

Multiple Sclerosis

MS Society

Epilepsy & Blackouts

The National Society for Epilepsy
National Society for Epilepsy (UK)
Syncope Trust and Reflex Anoxic Seizures (UK)

Neuromuscular Disorders

Muscular Dystrophy Ireland
Myasthenia Gravis Association
Myasthenia Gravis Association (UK)


Migraine Association of Ireland
British Association for the Study of Headache
Cluster Headache:
The Organisation for the Understanding of Cluster Headache (UK)
Trigeminal neuralgia:



Stroke Association (UK)
Irish Heart Foundation

Other Neurological Disorders

Motor Neurone Disease (MND) Association
Ataxia UK
The Neuropathy Trust
Narcolepsy Association UK (UK)
Neurological Alliance

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