What will a consultation involve?

During a neurological consultation, Dr O’Sullivan will enquire about the nature of the main symptoms you experience currently. He will review any previous medical problems you may have had and enquire about current and past medical treatments. He may enquire about any conditions that run in the family.new pic1

Dr O’Sullivan will examine you, focusing on the functioning of the nervous system. This may include testing muscle strength and coordination, sensation and balance, vision and eye movements, as well as speech and higher mental functions where appropriate.

The information Dr O’Sullivan gets from the history of your problem and from examining you will mean he can determine what the problem is and what part of the nervous system it affects.

Further tests may be needed to confirm a diagnosis and ultimately guide any treatment.

A new appointment will take approximately 30 minutes and a follow up 10-20 minutes. Most patients will need a follow up appointment to review the results of any tests or to judge response to any treatment started.

Dr O’Sullivan’s practice is to send a copy of any correspondence to the patient as well as to the referring doctor.

To ensure you get the maximum benefit from your clinical appointment, if possible please complete a registration form, which can be downloaded here.


You will receive information regarding the fees along with your appointment letter. 

Please remember that seeing a Private Neurologist is a contract between you and that Doctor. If you have private health insurance this may reimburse you for the whole or part of that cost, but ultimately it is the patient who is responsible for the fees in line with the contractual arrangement with that Doctor. Whilst an average time is given for a consultation it may be longer or shorter depending on necessity.

Dr O’Sullivan may also suggest investigations (for example blood tests or scans) and it is difficult to predict these in advance. Normally, your insurance company should meet these costs but these are again your responsibility.

If you have any questions, please call your insurance provider and Dr O’Sullivan’s practice manager to discuss prior to consultation.